Webhostingbuzz Coupon – How Does it Work?

Webhostingbuzz Coupon – How Does it Work?

Webhostingbuzz is a webhosting company that offers wide range of hosting services. The company is known for quality webhosting in an affordable manner. Webhosting on their platform can get even more affordable with the Webhostingbuzz coupon. The coupon offers up to 20% savings on just any webhosting package that you choose. The company prides about its multiple data centers in different locations – UK, US and Europe. The facilities are rated 3+ tiers by the Uptime Institute. The company hosts 30,000 domains from more than 140 countries.

How Does the Webhostingbuzz Coupon Work?

The discount coupon from Webhostingbuzz comes in different choices. In this review, you will learn about the 20% coupon discount on the initial order for the following webhosting packages;

  1. Shared Web Hosting

You can enjoy 20% OFF any Webhostingbuzz shared hosting plan. These plans are the Buzz Light, Buzz Power, and Buzz Premier. Buzz Light is best suited for someone who is just getting started with webhosting and wants to host a simple website. The Buzz Power is for wide range of websites that require more hosting power (e.g. forum websites), while the Buzz Premier is designed for businesses and developers.

How to Apply Webhostingbuzz coupon to Shared Hosting

Step 1: Go to Webhostingbuzz coupon page and look out for the coupon code. This is the coupon code that applies to shared webhosting on this webhosting platform.

Step 2: Copy out the code and click on “select your hosting plan.” The action will take you to the order page containing the various hosting plans under shared webhosting package. Read the short descriptions under each plan in order to select the one that best suits your webhosting need.

Step 3: Click on “Order Now” for the hosting plan you’ve chosen in order to kick-start the order process.

Step 4: At the right hand side of the first order page, you will see a field for “coupon code”. Enter the coupon code you copied earlier into this box and complete the rest of the order process. The webhostingbuzz coupon will be activated and the discount reflected in your total purchase order.

  1. VPS Web Hosting

The 20% coupon discount from Webhosting buzz also applies to the VPS hosting on this platform. VPS stands for virtual private server, which is an advanced form of shared servers that provide more privacy and performance while using a shared hosting service. The VPS package on Webhostingbuzz platform comes in seven levels to meet each user’s hosting need and budget.

How to Apply Webhostingbuzz coupon to VPS Hosting

Follow the same steps and procedures in shared hosting to apply your VPS webhostingbuzz coupon code. The coupon will be activated and reflected in your total purchase order.

  1. Reseller Webhosting

Reseller webhosting offers a business opportunity to webmasters or users who want to resell webhosting packages and plans under Webhostingbuzz. You will have your own reselling website and the business is entirely yours when you resell Webhostingbuzz hosting plans. The only difference is that your website will be powered by Webhostingbuzz.

If you have desired to build your own online business, the reseller package offers a juicy opportunity, particularly with the Webhostingbuzz coupon that makes the opportunity even more affordable. The various reseller hosting plans on this platform to suit each individual’s hosting need are Reseller Light, Reseller Power, Reseller Premium and Reseller Ultimate. Each plan offers high hosting capacity than the previous.

How to Apply Webhostingbuzz coupon to Reseller Hosting

The same process of coupon code activation and usage for the shared hosting also applies to the Reseller Package.You will have to copy it out and paste in the appropriate field when you kick-start the order process.

IMPORTANT: Bear in mind that the Webhostingbuzz coupon is a limited offer. So, take advantage of the offer while it lasts. Don’t forget that several other people are seeking to use the coupon. Therefore, the earlier you jump at the offer the better it is for you. Remember that you can also find other coupon options from Webhostingbuzz on affiliate websites. Just ensure you are looking at a valid coupon code.